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Armed Services & Veterans

Some of you may be aware of the shocking developments in our military and our veterans. We are losing these heroes not to our nations enemies but to suicide at a horrifying rate of one a day and it is increasing. Another huge issue is traumatic brain injuries (TBI). What is confusing to military commanders and to the layman is these injuries occur when a concussive wave or impact occurs to a serviceman and his brain will not work normally after the event. Most of the time these injuries do not show up on MRI or CAT scans—only in the EEG analyzed by computer software. The military knows this and has developed equipment that is battle hardened to do assessments in theater. All that is required is that the commander’s report of an event for a team to be in place within 24 hours for a simple, non-invasive assessment. Unfortunately this resource is rarely used and our service people return home thinking everything is their fault and no one will help.

All of us have heard about post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Both PTSD and TBI’s have been killing off our soldiers needlessly. QEEGs to identify the brain issues and neurofeedback to train the brain into healthy performance are available. Many practitioners around the country donate free services or greatly reduce the cost of services for these servicemen and women. CPFL has partnered with EEG processing centers and neurologists to offer QEEG assessments to veterans for $300.00 to uncover TBI or PTSD and CPFL will train them with neurofeedback for $10.00 per session at their main office in Georgetown or for free if they enter the substance abuse program of the Open Door Mission in Houston, Texas. Other service agencies are working to make this available through them and these will be posted as they develop.

An ambitious project to put together a mobile unit of 5 training/assessment systems in a RV is gathering support. This will be used to serve our vets at schools, churches, other service delivery agencies, etc., where they are already going. Hopefully it will be a seed to plant more permanent efforts.

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