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Home Bound Training

One of the sad realities of life is that when a child, or veteran, or maybe a family member becomes severely injured, the barriers of transportation will eventually keep them from receiving the amount of treatment that they need. CPFL and our generous partners have made it possible for this powerful training to be available to these individuals in their homes with the use of specialized software and the internet. Currently, we are serving a youth minister whose tragic head injury on a church youth trip left him paralyzed below his neck and diminished his ability to think and communicate. Although he had received the best of care, his rehab did not hold out hope of improvement. He began improving with the neurofeedback provided to him at home to the point that he can use a walker or cane and can carry on conversations. A young lady who served as a judicial aid was paralyzed from her neck down in an automobile accident. Neurofeedback has allowed her to begin controlling her legs and hands again. Another mother felt necessary to train her child at home to catch him in the best attitude for success. Each of these situations continues to improve with the equipment and support CPFL provides. Without generous support, these families could not have made this progress.

It costs $8,000.00 to set up a family with training equipment and get them started. Help a deserving family with some life giving hope and generously donate,