Training Facility (455 Hwy 195, Suite C, Georgetown, TX 78628)
Phone: (512) 869-0936 Toll free: (877) 9-NEURON Fax: (512) 864-3530


"I was recovering from arsenic poisoning when I heard about Jim Kelley and neurofeedback.  Before undergoing the training, my brain was unable to regulate the thoughts that it dwelt on and those thoughts were invariably negative.  I was also unable to handle stress, so much so that I was basically unable to do everyday activities.  For example, if I wanted to go to the grocery store on a given day, I knew that it would be the only thing I could do that day; I would be too wiped out to do anything else.  

I completed 120 sessions of neurofeedback.  I saw a gradual improvement during the course of those sessions and over the months after them.  About 6-8 months after I began treatment, I was back to being a "normal" person.  I continued to see improvements for the next 1-2 years afterwards, and I'm now as smart and effective as I've ever been.  I just recently completed a round of interviews for a new software development job in an extremely competitive field and received offers from 5 different companies.  I occasionally go back to Mr. Kelley for "touch-up" training."

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