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Our Mission/Philosophy

Our Mission

Our vision and mission is to see people become whole and healthy in body, mind and spirit – as God intended – using Neurofeedback and Biblical principles; beginning with a fully functional and optimal brain.

Our Philosophy

We believe that mental health problems and difficult behaviors are related to underlying functional problems in the brain, and failure to apply spiritual insights. We see man as a spiritual, mental, and physical being capable of communing with God, himself and his fellow man. If there is a failure in any of these three aspects of a person, then all aspects of that person are likely to fail over time. Therefore we address the whole person thereby increasing overall success.

We believe God is the source of all healing for each aspect of man. That He makes us alive to Himself through the Holy Spirit by the works and the blood of Christ. Then, just as Jesus, having raised Lazarus from the dead, had his disciples free Lazarus’s body from the filthy grave clothes that bound him; we become Christ’s agents to release people from their grave clothes to live a full and free life. We are like one beggar telling another where to find food. As we endeavor to discover more about Christ’s principles of life and attempt their application, we pass on what we have learned. We are trainers as opposed to therapists.

We use cutting edge technology to train brains. Paul the Apostle told the younger minister, Timothy: physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things.

We see Jesus’ pattern in dealing with individuals was first to heal their bodies before dealing with their souls. We advocate evaluating the brain itself and offer training to correct or normalize its’ functions. We find neurofeedback is an excellent gymnasium for self-control and that a more functional brain is much more able to adopt Christ’s principles of living.