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F. A. Q.

How long do the effects of neurofeedback last?

Typically, once the desired effects are achieved the client no longer requires more training. The brain continues to regulate itself according to the new pattern which has become habit. We do welcome people to come back on occasion to receive “refresher” training sessions if they feel it may help. It is important to know that some problems occur because of insufficient nutrition, sleep or exercise as well as emotional stresses from home, work or school. Even if neurofeedback helps your brain to regulate itself and improve function, other issues may cause symptoms.

What is the success rate with neurofeedback?

In our experience everybody sees some form of improvement within 20 to 30 sessions. Better sleep, focus, concentration and relaxation are among the most common. Some people see positive results after only a few sessions while most are improving after 5 sessions. ADD/ADHD studies have shown neurofeedback to be as successful as medication.

What if I am taking medication?

You should always ask your doctor about whether you are taking the right amount of medication and be aware of the symptoms of overmedication. With neurofeedback it is common for people to realize they no longer need as much medication and even discontinue medication altogether. Again, always discuss medication with your doctor first.

What does the entire process typically involve?

Usually we will start with a “brain map”. Basically we take measurements of brainwave activity over 20 locations on the scalp and the whole process may take one or two hours. This is then analyzed which may take one or two weeks to finish. The purpose of the brain map is to analyze how your brainwaves are operating and where we should place the electrodes for neurofeedback training. Then you will begin training your brain for wellness and peak functioning. Training sessions are typically 30 minutes long and occur at least three times a week with a total of 30 to 40 sessions or more depending on progress. At that time the client may choose to get another brain map and go from there unless they feel comfortable with the progress they have made and continued training is not needed.

What does a training session involve?

Basically the client trains by sitting down and watching either a game or a movie, although some training involves the eyes being closed and listening to sounds. Any of these options involve the same basic principle of positive reinforcement to encourage a shift in brainwave functioning. Electrodes are placed on the scalp with a conductive paste that is later removed with water or alcohol. This means that a neurofeedback session is non-invasive as nothing is entering the body. It is often referred to as a workout for the brain.